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Worried that Your Emergency Services Training Program is Not Getting the Job Done?

Posted by Elise Andreasen on Mon, June 09, 2014 @ 10:48AM

As the Lead Instructor or Officer in Charge of Emergency Services Training for your department you understand how absolutely critical your training program is to protecting your community and the lives of your employees and volunteers.  

firefighter training

You take your responsibility seriously and probably lose more than a little sleep worrying about your people and your responsibility to them.   

Your reputation and the lives of your team members are on the line every single hour of every single day.  Ongoing training is absolutely critical as reported by Fire Fighter Nation

They point out that when candidates graduate from the academy they have only the basic skills necessary to be an effective firefighter.  They need both hands-on training and ongoing course work to develop and maintain the proper techniques to keep themselves safe and effective.

Most of the early training firefighters receive is focused on fire control yet according to the article, "more than half (55 percent) of all 911 calls responded to by the American fire service involve a medical emergency; less than 10 percent involve actual fire

That is why the programs offered by Action Training Systems include a heavy focus on responding to and handling medical emergencies. 

Not a day goes by that you are not thinking of ways to improve your program - keeping every team member up to date and in compliance with all regulations. You work very hard to provide all the tools your teams need to be effective, responsive and safe. 

Action Training Systems offers a full set of training courses designed to make your job easier and help you sleep better at night knowing you are providing the absolute best training available to your teams.

Emergency Response Training Programs are available in the following specialties:

To learn more about the training programs from Action can compliment your efforts contact us today and sleep better tonight.

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