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Online Fire Training: 10 Reasons to Use For Your Next Training Session

Posted by Elise Andreasen on Fri, May 23, 2014 @ 07:30AM

There are some jobs that are in need of constant training. Firefighting is one of them. For trainers, finding new, interesting, and relevant training material can sometimes be difficult. As a trainer, you want to find good material that will help your crew enhance their abilities. 

online fire training

There are many different training courses available, but Online Fire Training may be the best option for you and your crew.

Benefits of Online Courses

  1. They can be accessed from a Windows or Mac computer. 
  2. Fireman can log on with their own personal id whenever needed.
  3. Training can take place at the firehouse during down time. In addition, training can be paused and resumed as needed.
  4. Printable certificates and online tracking are available to record training history.
  5. Flexible subscription options for every budget.
  6. No files or content to download and automatic updates for new material. You can access everything from the site page. 
  7. Interactive courses for the trainees and high quality video to reinforce the training.
  8. A variety of different course work is available for firemen of different levels and skill sets. This ensures that everyone receives adequate and appropriate training tailored to their needs.
  9. Power points, streaming videos, and instructor materials are available for your use. You can decide when and how to use the instruction material.
  10. There is a free fourteen day trial period to test out the training course from a company that has been offering training material for over twenty-six years.

For more information on how online fire training can help you during your next training, contact us.

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